American Murder Song. A new musical journey from Saar Hendelman and Terrance Zdunich.

America. 1816. Barley, liberty and blood.

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- co-created/ co-written by

Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, the follow up to the cult musical film The Devil’s Carnival is now on tour across the US.

A battle of Hell and Heaven, big band music, rattles + bones.

- songs co-written by/ original film score/ orchestrations

saar hendelman

lyrics + music
. strange little worlds

saar hendelman is lyricist and composer, pianist, singer, and an orchestrator of dissonant fever dreams and songs:

beating the piano keys in menacing grooves, plucking through strings with walnut picks, weavings and words, emotional bruises.

he is as inspired by the classical music of Maurice Ravel and Kurt Weill as by the writing of Franz Kafka, by the magic of rock icons Tom Waits and Bjork as by the paintings of Amedeo Modigliani.

his unique style makes the odd familiar, odd again.

film scores. + solo work: bleed on your dress. + collaborations: scotty morris of big bad voodoo daddy, leah andreone, terrance zdunich.

his most recent work, Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, for which he co-wrote the songs and composed the score, is now touring across the US.

upcoming: American Murder Song. december, 2015.

+ ongoing: scratchings from the shed.

german bar room songs . machinery work . divine music . beautiful trash

scratchings from the shed

The King Is Gone

the king is gone

Tell your son the king is gone
Fell in wailing those who passed
Typed himself in Remington
Every itch down to the last
Not a soldier cried his name
Never did he cry his own
I gathered flowers in the shed
Tell your son the king is gone


bleedbleed on your dress
voice/ lyrics + music

and i shut my mouth, and i don’t betray it, it’s good, you know, it’s hard to be smart about these things, it’s hard to be smart

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this-is-magdaleneugly girl
this is Magdalene
co-written by/ guest voice

sylvia, dear, you’ve got a favor to call in, hang on my girl, hang on


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Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival
lyrics + music co-written by/ original film score/ orchestrations

a story of heaven, hell, carnival + origin. the cult musical film rounds a second turn on the carousel.

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The Devil’s Carnival
lyrics + music co-written by/ original film score/ orchestrations

three sinners are in for a hell of a ride. the cult musical film makes its way down the thoroughfare.

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Anne Stewart: A Most Successful Failure
original film score

Anne Stewart, a Beverly Hills girl, just signed with 20th Century Fox. She looks like Carole Lombard, and that isn’t a bad start.


lyrics + music by/ original film score

when setting a trap… choose the right bait.


The Visitors
original film score/ sound design

childhood fears + adult anxieties on a night when walls separating the real/ imaginary grow thin.